Catalog No. : DIF-RT050-096

Diffinity RapidTip50 for PCR Cleanup, Universal

Diffinity RapidTip50 for PCR Cleanup, Universal


Diffinity RapidTip® - PCR clean up in a tip in 60 seconds!

Purification of PCR products for Sanger Sequencing in just one minute! No bind-wash-elute, enzymes, or magnetic beads necessary! An innovative new technology that removes undesirable impurities from PCR reactions leaving you with nothing but purified DNA for your Sanger sequencing applications. Primers and dNTPs will be gone in 60 seconds!

All you need is:

  • Diffinity RapidTips®- pre-packed with our proprietary material and ready to use out of the box!
  • A standard pipettor - single or multi-channel.
  • Microcentrifuge tubes to store purified DNA.
  • 44-55 µl PCR reaction volumes


Purified PCR product for Sanger sequencing applications. The tip attracts and retains dNTPs, primers and primer dimers of <50bp and repels and permits the double-stranded DNA targets (such as PCR amplicons) to remain in solution. 


Excellent Yield 

Recovers up to 90% of high quality dsDNA ready to use in subsequent applications.

One Minute, One Step 

Extremely fast and efficient process to rapidly recover clean DNA.

Cost Effective  

No capital equipment (e.g., centrifuge, magnetic extractor, vacuum manifold), extra plasticware, or liquids are required. Less labor time required due to simple protocol.

Robot Compatible

Easily integrated on automated equipment for high throughput processing and increased productivity. Same purification process, eliminates additional process validation.

No Bind-Wash-Elute Steps

Eliminates use of large amounts of reagents and time-consuming, tedious protocols.

Effective Purification

Removes up to 90% of primers, ssDNA, and primer dimers.

Large Range of Fragment Length

Returns pure DNA fragments of 100bp to 10Kb. Use 44-55 µl PCR reaction volumes 

Easy to Use

Single step protocol requires little to no training of lab personnel. Simple protocol requires no complex operator techniques or interactions with equipment, buffers, or reagents.

Environmentally Friendly

Waste is limited to the functional tip. No extra materials, tips, columns, buffers, or reagents required to purify PCR product.

Seamless Workflow

Uses standard pipettor so no changes are needed to your current lab workflows.

ItemSize Application Price
Diffinity RapidTip50 for PCR Cleanup, Universal

96 Tips/box


How It Works

The functional pipette tip will fit on most conventional single or multiple, manual or automated laboratory pipettors. Samples containing DNA and impurities are aspirated into the tip where the impurities are adsorbed onto proprietary surfaces within the tip by mixing for approximately one minute. Expelling the solution yields purified DNA, the desired product.