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CP02 Cryoprep Pulverizer (110V)

CP02 Cryoprep Pulverizer (110V)


Automated cryogenic sample pulverization system with variable force requiring TT1 or TT2. Includes Accessory Kit.

Extraction Systems

  • Save time and increase sample yield with an integrated and rapid workflow.
  • Cryogenic processing and Dry Pulverization preserves precious samples and labile molecules by flash freezing 3X faster.
  • Maintain samples with proper cryogenic storage and continuous temperature control.
  • Eliminate clean up and risk of contamination with self-contained, single-use devices.
  • Experience efficient extraction with AFA Ultrasonic Technology.
  • Extract in buffers optimized for downstream analytical methods.

Freeze: Flash-freezing is the best available method to accurately preserve RNA, DNA and Proteins in tissue biospecimens.

Fracture: Dry cryo-fracture ruptures frozen tissue in preparation for subsequent biochemical extraction.

Extract: AFA mediated chemical extraction facilitates use of buffers best suited for downstream analytical methods

cryoPREP™ Impactors deliver a calibrated and repeatable mechanical force to cryofracture flash-frozen samples; both manual and automated systems are available. There are specific manual and automated cryoPREP Impactors available for use with t-PREP™ or tissueTUBE™ Devices. The controlled, high impact force to tissues biospecimens flash-frozen in a t-PREP or tissueTUBE device results in the dry cryofracture of tissue samples without direct sample contact. The cryofracture of the tissue breaks the tissue into small pieces and introduces cracks in the tissue thereby increasing the surface area and improving lysis with extraction buffers.

Combining cryoPREP treatment with AFA Ultrasonication greatly enhances biomolecule extraction enabling increased sample yields, improved integrity, and greater complexity with reagents ideally suited for downstream analytical methods.

Features Include

Cryogenic processing

Precious molecules and labile moieties are preserved

Automated process

Highly reproducible

Integrated workflow

Saves time and increases yield

Single use, non-contact in closed vessels

No cross contamination, No clean-up, High yield

Accurate and Precise

Processes and protocols are highly reproducible

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CP02 Cryoprep Pulverizer (110V)


Shearing Extraction Automation Please Inquire

Treatment System

Bench-top; cryofracture


8” Width x 21” Depth x 13” Height (20 cm x 53 cm x 33 cm)


Approximately 26 lbs (13 kg)

Power Requirements

100-240 VAC 300 VA, 50-60 Hz

Operating Range:

Ambient temperature:  19°C to 25°C  (66°F to 77°C)

Relative humidity:  30% to 70%

Regulatory Certifications

CE, ETL Mark (for Product Safety), WEEE


Complies with Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC. Certified to IEC/EN/UL 61010-1:2004 “Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use, Part1: General Requirements”


  • Tissue Disruption
  • Biomarker extraction
  • DNA/RNA/Protein extraction
  • ADME/Tox
  • Chromatin Shearing

Compatible Products

cryoPREP™ Impactors

  • tissueTUBE™ Impactor CP01   – Manual
  • tissueTUBE™ Impactor CP02 – Automated
  • t-PREP™ Impactor – Manual

cryoPREP™ Accessories

Compatible Processing Devices

  • tissueTUBE™ Processing Devices
  • t-PREP™ Biomarker Extraction Device

Kits and Reagents

  • truChIP™ Chromatin Shearing Kits
  • Covaris Protein Extraction Reagents

Tubes & Caps

  • 520025 – 13x65mm Tubes
  • 520026 – Caps for 13x65mm Tubes
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