Catalog No. : PKI-CLS760685

Genomic DNA Reagent kit - dual protocol

Genomic DNA Reagent kit - dual protocol


Contains enough reagent for 500 wells.

The Genomic DNA Assay for use on the LabChip GX and LabChip GX Touch HT systems provides a fast and consistent digital quality metric (gDNA Quality Score, GQS) enabling a definitive basis for the acceptance or rejection of further analysis of a sample. Using this assay, an immediate determination of sample degradation and size distribution can be made. The GQS ranges from 0—5, with 5 representing the highest quality. 

Agarose gels are traditionally used to visually analyze genomic DNA quality. These gels can be informative, but they also tend to exhibit variability in sizing, smearing, quantitation and staining. Unlike LabChip GX technology, gel-based methods are not amenable to automation or to the analysis of large numbers of samples, nor does their use provide easy distribution and archiving of data. 

Sample preparation can be readily performed by automated liquid handlers including PerkinElmer JANUS®, Sciclone® and Zephr® liquid handling workstations. 

The decrease in the GQS scores with increasing degradation reflects the shift in the size distribution of the material to smaller sizes. 

Chip and Reagents sold separately: 

  • DNA Extended Range Chip (P/N 760517, LabChip GX and LabChip GX Touch HT); (P/N CLS 138948, LabChip GX Touch 24)
  • Genomic DNA Reagent Kit (P/N CLS760685)

ItemSize Application Price
Genomic DNA Reagent kit - dual protocol

1 Kit

DNA Sample Analysis $555.00

  • Product Brand Name: LabChip GX
  • Quantity in a Package Amount: 1.0 Units
  • Research Areas: Translational Research, Food & Agriculture
  • Sample Type: DNA / RNA
  • Shipping Condition: Blue Ice Soft
  • Unit Size: 1 kit
  • Sizing Range:50 bp – 40,000 + bp
  • Sizing Accuracy: ± 20% (Up to 10 kb, based on ladder)
  • Linear Concentration Range: 0.2 – 5 ng /µL; 2.0 – 50 ng / µL (diluted)
  • Sensitivity: 0.1 ng / µL
  • Chip Lifetime: 500 samples / chip