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24 DNA 1K/12K/Hi Sensitivity Assay LabChip

24 DNA 1K/12K/Hi Sensitivity Assay LabChip


This DNA Extended Range Chip is for use on the LabChip® GX Touch 24.

It provides a fast and easy way to analyze DNA samples ranging from 25 to 12,000 base pairs. Performing DNA sample analysis using the LabChip systems saves time and money by automating steps for analyzing size and purity, and replaces agarose slab gels, and imaging.

LabChip® GX Touch Reagent kits associated with this chip are sold separately: DNA 1K Reagent Kit (CLS760673); DNA 12K Reagent Kit (760569); DNA High Sensitivity Reagent Kit (CLS760672) and Genomic DNA Reagent Kit (CLS760685).

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24 DNA 1K/12K/Hi Sensitivity Assay LabChip

1 Unit

Automated Electrophoresis $1,074.00

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LabChip GX

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Translational Research, Drug Discovery & Manufacturing, Food & Agriculture

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Blue Ice Soft


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