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TissueTUBE TT05 Case

TissueTUBE TT05 Case


12 packs of 520071, tissueTUBE TT05 packaged together. (300 tubes total)

Individual package quantity available tissueTUBE TT05 (25) 520071

Tissue Processing Devices

The tissueTUBE, is a unique biomedical device constructed of strong, flexible inert plastic. When used in combination with a glass AFA tube, tissueTUBE devices facilitate the closed vessel cryofracture of a biological tissue sample in a very convenient, controlled, and easy to use manner. The tissueTUBE was designed for use with the CryoPrep™ tissueTUBE™ Impactor to ensure optimum performance with every sample. The film used in the tissueTUBE is made of Kapton, a “space-age” polymer originally developed to withstand the extreme temperature fluxes experienced in orbit. It is possible to snap-freeze a tissue sample in liquid nitrogen directly in the tissueTUBE, and because the film is so thin, the heat transfer from the sample is extremely fast, (e.g., 3 times faster than freezing in a cryo vial). Furthermore, the resilience allows for reliable cryofracture with the CryoPrep Systems, even at cryogenic temperatures. The tissueTUBE may be used for long term cryogenic storage by utilizing the tissueTUBE plugs.

Combining the tissueTUBE with a glass AFA Tube allows for the seamless integration of tissue cryofracture with a CryoPrep tissueTUBE Impactor and AFA facilitated chemical stabilization and homogenization.

Several sizes of  tissueTUBE Devices are available to accommodate different tissue masses. For especially hard samples, extra thick (XT) Kapton film tissueTUBE Devices are available.

ItemSize Application Price
TissueTUBE TT05 Case


Shearing Extraction $4,211.00


The benefits of tissueTUBE Devices enhance the yield and fidelity of extraction of all chemicals, biomolecules, and metabolites from medium to large tissue samples. 
  • Biomarker Extraction
  • Chromatin Shearing



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