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XIP-96P(H) i-Pette Pro Personal Pipettor

XIP-96P(H) i-Pette Pro Personal Pipettor


XIP-96P(H) I-PETTE PRO Personal Pipettor:

96-channel, single station, volume range 4 - 500µl per tip.

With Motorised Stage and Tip Clamping mechanism.

A 96-channel EZ Load pipetting head for FluidX 550µl tips (cat. no. 30-9001) is required for a complete system.

The I-PETTE PRO is a flexible, high performance, yet economical liquid handling system for low-to-medium throughput users. A microprocessor-controlled pipetting mechanism provides high-speed, accurate and precise pipetting of micro-liter volumes of samples.

Plate / Racked Tubes Compatibility

Compatible with 24, 48, 96, 384 and 1536 well SBS format microplates and racked tubes.

Fitted with a motorised platform to automatically raise or lower a plate, or reservoir, to a preselected height. Both shallow and deep-well plates are accommodated.


Rapid Head Changing

A motor-driven head locking mechanism enables rapid head changing with minimal effort.


Wide Volume Range

With a choice of easy to fit 96 and 384 channel EZ Load pipetting heads, the I-PETTE PRO offers a wide volume range (1.0 - 500µl) with quick loading and unloading of disposable tips.


Compact and Flexible

Suitable as a stand-alone unit or easily integrated into a larger robotic system.

A small footprint to conserve bench space, the i-PettePro will fit easily into laminar flow hoods.


Easy to Use

Touch screen controller provides simple, assisted programming.


3 Models to Choose From

XIP-96P(H) for working with higher volumes, XIP-96P(L) for lower volumes and the XIP-384P for low volumes with full 384 channel capability.



Ideal for plate replication, plate reformatting, reagent addition, compound addition and serial dilution (by row or column).

For the more budget-conscious, the standard I-PETTE provides the same precise liquid handing but is supplied with a manual, rather than automated, platform for a reduced cost.

ItemSize Application Price
XIP-96P(H) i-Pette Pro Personal Pipettor

1 Unit

Automation Please Inquire

Dispensing Precisions
<3% CV at 1µl (96-125µl/384 version) <3% at 5µl (96-500ul version)
Dispensing Accuracy
+/- 2% at 1µl (96-125µl/384 version) +/- 2% at 10µl (96-500µl version)
0.1µl  (96-125µl/384 version) 1µl (96-500µl version)
Pipetting Volume
1.0 to 125µl (96-125µl/384 version) 1 to 500µl (96-500µl version)
W 229mm x D 356mm x H 470mm (Add 135mm to width with PDA)
22Kg (approx)
100 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature
10 to 38°C


  • XIP-96P(H) i-Pette Pro Personal Pipettor
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