Catalog No. : FLU-34-1000

BioFill Solo Reagent Dispenser

BioFill Solo Reagent Dispenser


8/16 Channel Auto Dispenser for 96/384/1536 Microplate


  • 1 x Waste Fluid vessel
  • 1 x Waste Liquid Tubing
  • 1 x Power Cable 
  • 1 x Operation Manual

The compact and lightweight XRD-384 reagent dispenser accommodates a wide variety of shallow and deep-well microplates including 96, 384 and 1536-well formats.

Designed for the precise dispensing of volumes from 0.5ul to 2000ul, this system will fill a 384-well format microplate in 10 seconds.

Performs non-contact 8 or 16-channel dispensing to minimise contamination risk.

An aspirate function reduces dead volume, less precious reagent wasted.

The touch panel LCD enables easy programming and the user is able to specify which plate columns are to be filled or left empty.

The X, Y and Z axes move automatically. The Z axis height can be stored as part of a dispensing program, up to 100 programs can be saved.

Tubing cartridges are supplied with either a small or standard bore (with a choice of resin or stainless steel needles) to achieve optimal accuracy and precision when delivering both high and low filling volumes. Tubing cartridges are suitable for autoclaving and reuse.

RS232 connectivity and OCX interface allow the XRD-384 to be easily integrated into larger systems.

Optional high speed connecting microplate stacking system is available for high throughput requirements.

ItemSize Application Price
BioFill Solo Reagent Dispenser

1 Unit

Automation Please Inquire

Dispensing Volume

8 channel L tubing 5 to 2000μl

8 channel S tubing 0.5 to 200μl

16 channel tubing 0.5 to 200μl

Dispensing Accuracy
<2% CV at 5μl
0.1ul  (96-125μl/384 version) 1μl (96-500μl version) Cassette type special silicon tubing set.
Dispensing Speed
3 step adjustment
Processing Speed
10 sec/384-well format microplate
Work Area
96, 384, 1536 well format microplate x1, reservoir x1
Program Memory
100 programs
Power Supply
100 - 200 VAC
W 370mm x D 310mm x H 270mm
9kg (approx)
RS 232C


XRD-384 Automated Reagent Dispenser

XRD-384 With Stackers 200ul in 96 well plate

  • BioFill Solo Reagent Dispenser
  • BioFill Solo Reagent Dispenser
  • BioFill Solo Reagent Dispenser
  • BioFill Solo Reagent Dispenser
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