Catalog No. : ALI-CFD-6001 

ALine Cell Free DNA Isolation Kit, 4x100 PREPS

ALine Cell Free DNA Isolation Kit, 4x100 PREPS


  • Plasma/serum cf DNA Isolation for Cancer, prenatal research/diagnostics
  • High throughput sample processing 96 samples simultaneously using 96-well plates. 
  • Can handle one plate (96 samples) simultaneously within 40 minutes. Processing Volume as high as 1.5 ~ 10 mL.

ccfDNA, cfDNA/RNA from human plasma/serum can be very challenging because of the low concentration especially in healthy individuals.

ALine cfDNA/RNA Isolation Kit is a magnetic bead-based kit that designed to be specifically selective in isolating these circulating DNA/RNA in a high throughput manner. The protocol is scalable to accommodate a wide range of input volumes of plasma or serum. Typical volumes are 10 mL – 5 mL, but amounts outside this range are compatible with the kit so that 10mL of plasma can be processed. The procedure includes an initial protease digestion followed by simple steps of DNA binding step, wash step, size selection step and elution of the circulating cfDNA step from the magnetic beads.

Product Highlights

· High throughput: process 96 samples simultaneouly

· High Processing Volume: 1.0 ~ 10 mL of each sample

· High yields: 1 mL plasma (96 well) typical cfDNA yield: 20 ~ 75 ng (without spike-in DNA)

· Sensitive capture: Starting material can be as low as 0.1mL

· Simplified procedures:  typically 40 minutes or less after sample digestion

· No RNA carriers used in the isolation process and in the isolated DNA

· Cost:  Most cost effective on Market. Ask for your Quote now.


· PCR and quantitative real-time PCR and RT-PCR

· Biomarker research and validation for blood-based cancer detection

· Viral nucleic acid detection

· Cancer early detection and clinical research

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ALine Cell Free DNA Isolation Kit, 4x100 PREPS

4x100 Preps

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Kit Storage: 4 C

Sample types: both fresh and frozen plasma/serum

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