Catalog No. : BTX-63300152

Empty Rack (no snapcard), 1000-1250µL tips $8.8/pack

Empty Rack (no snapcard), 1000-1250µL tips $8.8/pack


Empty Trays / Non-Sterile | 10 trays/pack | 4 packs/case

Sold by case only.


Create the Perfect Fit

The FlexFit feature within xTIP tips permit compatibility with LTS style pipettes. It allows for a lower insertion force required to consistently provide a secure seal compared to its competitors.


Low Retention

X-Resin technology, found in all Biotix tips, allows for ultra-low retention composition throughout the tip to maximize sample recovery.


Eliminate Hanging Droplets

Blade technology eliminates hanging droplet formation, ensuring sample precision delivery by reducing surface tension at the distal end of the tip.

ItemSize Application Price
Empty Rack (no snapcard), 1000-1250µL tips $8.8/pack 4 packs/case $44.00

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