Catalog No. : COV-500230

CP01 Cryoprep Manual Pulverizer

CP01 Cryoprep Manual Pulverizer


Manual impact system. Includes removable hammer. Requires TT1.

Effective pulverization of biological samples is made easy with cryoPREP-CP01.The manual pulverizer enables the operator to reproducibly pulverize solid tissue and readily transfer the contents for downstream processing. Unique consumables from Covaris make the process easy and efficient. Samples can be processed at cryogenic temperature and easily traqnsferred to a glass vial for downstream AFA treatment. Unlike other conventional methods, CP01 treatment with  AFA focused ultrasonicators  enables the investigator to analyze the samples at molecular level rather than particle level.

The CP01 components are simple, easy and mobile. This system was mainly designed for both large and small-scale labs for processing small tissue mass in a reproducible fashion. Examples of different sample types:

  • Liver
  • Bone
  • Lung
  • Biopsy tissue
  • Spleen
  • Seed
  • Brain
  • Cell pellet
  • Kidney
  • Plant Stem Material

Flexible Input range (micrograms to gram)

Compatible with both soft and hard tissue


Reproducible results from user-to-user

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CP01 Cryoprep Manual Pulverizer


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