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LE220R Focused-ultrasonicator, Robotic

LE220R Focused-ultrasonicator, Robotic


High Performance Ultrasonicator with microPlate processing and Robot Interface

The LE220 Focused-ultrasonicator is a versatile system engineered for high throughput pre-analytical sample processing by Adaptive Focused Acoustics™. The LE220 utilizes a unique line-shaped transducer and computer controlled electronics to deliver highly controlled acoustic energy to the focal zone. The LE220 Focused-ultrasonicator delivers the same reproducibility as the renowned S-Series and E-Series AFA Instruments, so you can be assured that tube-to-tube and row-to-row precision is excellent.

The LE220 is specifically designed for operations requiring a higher throughput Covaris AFA solution. With highly reproducible performance characteristics matching Covaris S-Series and E-Series instruments, the LE220 applies controlled acoustic energy to multiple samples at one time. For example, in a 96 microTUBE Plate, a row of 8 samples is treated simultaneously by the LE220’s line transducer. By indexing all 12 rows across the acoustic field, 96 samples are processed 8X faster than with a single-sample instrument. The LE220 capably manages a wide variety of sample formats in an SBS microplate footprint (including 8, 24, 48, 96), processing an entire row at a time.

Key applications include

  • DNA shearing for Next-Gen sequencing
  • Cell lysis
  • Tissue disruption 
  • Compound dissolution

Focused-ultrasonicators with AFA Technology operate at frequencies well beyond the range of human hearing (500KHz) so, unlike traditional laboratory sonicators, they are inaudible and do not require sound-proof boxes or other special precautions.

Key Features

Multi-sample format

Designed specifically for High Throughput DNA Fragmentation for sample volumes ≤130μl.

Higher throughput

Up to 8X higher throughput for targeted applications in a 96 sample format. Faster with 384 sample density and beyond.

Same proven AFA Technology

Highest quality performance, reproducibility, and reliability. Higher recoveries, isothermal, non-contact, controlled energy delivery, random fragmentation.

Compatible platform design

Protocols are easily developed for the LE220.

Scalable protocols

Process entire rows of samples simultaneously: ensures rapid and consistent sample prep regardless of sample array format.


AFA is inaudible so no sound-proofing or special precautions are needed

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LE220R Focused-ultrasonicator, Robotic

1 Unit

Next Gen Sequencing Automation Shearing Please Inquire

As demonstrated in a DNA shearing application below, the LE220 with AFA provides unmatched control and reproducibility.

The unique Covaris line shaped acoustic field enables the LE 220 to provide the same industry proven DNA fragmentation performance as the S2 and E210 workstations.

Complimentary Products/Accessories

AFA compatible tubes and consumables



96 microTUBE Plates

8 microTUBE Strip

Temperature Control

Water Conditioning System

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