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CoolCell LX, Alcohol-Free Cell Freezing Container, Orange

CoolCell LX, Alcohol-Free Cell Freezing Container, Orange


High post-thaw viability and proliferation

CoolCell LX freezing containers provide a high reproducible freezing rate for cell cryopreservation providing more cells, faster, for your research.

Highly reproducible freeze runs

CoolCell LX show identical cooling profiles and phase transition over 5 consecutive freeze cycles with samples placed into -80°C freezer over a 3 hour period.

-1°C/minute freeze rate in -80°C freezer

CoolCell LX, in combination with a -80°C freezer or dry ice locker, will provide the freezing rate of -1°C per minute that is ideal for cryopreservation of most cultured cell lines.

Numbered vial holes for identification

CoolCell LX contain 12 chambers designed to fit standard screwcapped 1ml and 2ml cryotubes up to 13mm in diameter and up to 55mm in height.

Bevelled design for quick tube retrieval

The new beveled design allows easy opening with access to the vial tops, simplifying transfer.

No alcohol. No on-going cost. No maintenance.


CoolCell is proven for use with a variety of cells, including:

Stem Cell/ Pre-Stem Cell
Primary Cells
Cell Lines

Human Embryonic Stem


Breast Cancer Stem

Colon Cancer Stem

Gliablastoma Cancer Stem

Mouse Embryonic Stem

Human Endothelial


Neonatal Keratinocytes

Human WBCs



Human CD34+


Human Tendon Fibroblasts

Melanoma Tumor

Human Cardiac Ventricular

Human Cardiac Atrial






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CoolCell LX, Alcohol-Free Cell Freezing Container, Orange

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