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The QuickGene Mini 80 is built by Kurabo Biomedical and offered in North America by AutoGen. This is a compact personal extraction system for rapid isolation of DNA or RNA from a variety of samples. The QuickGene extraction device utilizes an ultra thin polymer membrane for efficient capture of nucleic acids. This novel technology allows for isolation of high quality RNA or DNA with high yields, suitable for a wide range of applications. The QuickGene-Mini80 processes 8 samples in 15 minutes, saving valuable time and labor in your lab. The system has protocols for rapid RNA extraction from blood, cells and tissue. It also has protocols for rapid DNA extraction from plasmid, blood, cells and tissues.

Summary of QuickGene-Mini80 Device Features 

Personal nucleic acid isolation / extraction device, one for each person

FujiFilm QuickGene-Mini80 is a compact system requiring no centrifugation in the extraction process, giving less strain to samples and enabling rapid nucleic acid extraction. DNA/RNA can be easily and rapidly extracted from various samples including human/mouse/plants/cells/fungi and others. The QuickGene-Mini80 shares a common extraction mechanism and kits with our semi-automated nucleic acid isolation system, QuickGene-810. QuickGene-Mini80 offers high performance comparable to QuickGene-810 at a reasonable price.

Compact Design

Revolutionary Porous Membrane

Easy and rapid processing

High purity, high yield

Easy extraction from various samples

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1 Unit

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Additional QuickGene Mini 80 Benefits

  • The Mini80 has all the same protocols and uses the same kits as the QuickGene-810.
  • 8 samples in 15 minutes (faster time to result).
  • No centrifuge required.
  • Direct application of extracted nucleic acid to your next procedure (saves labor and time).
  • High quality and yield (eliminates failed experiments).
  • Low cost per prep (saves money).
  • AutoGen’s superior service and support (gives you peace of mind).
  • QuickGene-Mini80
  • QuickGene-Mini80
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