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The QuickGene-610L is built by Kurabo Biomedical and offered in North America by AutoGen. This is a compact bench top extraction system for rapid isolation of genomic DNA from up to 2.0 mls of Whole Blood and Saliva. The FujiFilm QuickGene technology utilizes an ultra thin polymer membrane for efficient capture of nucleic acids. This novel extraction technology process allows for isolation of high quality genomic DNA with high yields, suitable for a wide range of applications. The 610L will process up to 6 whole blood samples of 2 mls each in 12 minutes, saving valuable time and labor in your lab.

Summary of QuickGene-610L Technology Features

The high quality of purified DNA samples is critical to successful genotyping studies. DNA samples of high quality and low cleavage rates are particularly essential in studies involving many genetic markers. QuickGene-610L isolates DNA samples under gentle extraction conditions, without using conventional centrifugal processes. This extraction process results in higher yields of DNA with higher molecular weight, fewer cleavages and high purity. QuickGene-610L is able to extract genomic DNA from a 2ml whole blood sample, and able to process 6 samples within 12 minutes*. *Over 2ml of whole blood sample is adapted to pellet cells (buffy coat sample).

Three step operation process & simple maintenance

Using this DNA extraction technology, only three steps are required after preparing lysate samples: apply sample to cartridge, place cartridge holder on instrument and press START. QuickGene-610L’s pre-programmed protocol automates the rest of the process.

Flat-paneled design and detachable stands allow easier maintenance and cleaning.

While running QuickGene-610L, another 6 samples can be applied to another Carriage holder. The system can process continuously by switching the cartridge holder. QuickGene-610L can perform 60 sample extractions per hour. It really is a high throughput machine!

6 Samples of gDNA extraction, entire process complete in approx. 25 minutes.

FujiFilm’s thin membrane effectively absorbs nucleic acids in hydrophobic solvents, separating proteins and lipids. This results in high purity and a greatly reduced processing time compared to manual methods.

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1 Unit

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Work flow:

  • Suitable for various downstream genetic analyses
  • High Purity
  • High Yield
  • Longer DNA samples

Additional Equipment Benefits

Additional Benefits of the QuickGene-610L include:

  • Unattended operation (saves labor and time).
  • 6 samples in 12 minutes (faster time to result).
  • Direct application of extracted nucleic acid to your next procedure (saves labor and time).
  • High quality and yield (eliminates failed experiments).
  • AutoGen’s superior service and support (gives you peace of mind).

Description of Instrument or system modules

  • The reliable design of the QuickGene-610L includes:
  • Ultra thin porous membrane for efficient nucleic acid capture.
  • Removable carriage holder allows for easy sample loading on the bench top.
  • Peristaltic pumps for liquid delivery.
  • On board buffer storage for quick set up.

Description of User Interface or Software

  • Display screen and easy push buttons for operator interface.
  • User friendly operation.
  • Ability to modify parameters and store as new protocols.
  • Ability to monitor the progress of the protocol.
  • QuickGene-610L
  • QuickGene-610L
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