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Mantis V3.2

Mantis V3.2


Mantis V3.2 (user-serviceable solenoid bank model) with Mantis Controlling Software Instrument License

The Mantis is the lowest dead volume liquid handler on the market.

Extremely Low Dead Volume

To minimize dead volume, reagents plug directly into microfluidic chips. Dead volumes can be further reduced to 6 µL by using pipette tips as reagent reservoirs. This feature is ideal for dispensing even the most precious samples.

Patented Microfluidic Dispensing Technology

At the core of the Mantis is a patented microfluidic valve cluster that measures and dispenses discrete volumes of liquid. Pressure and vacuum open and close each valve on the silicone valve cluster. This chip has two micro-diaphragms (100 nL / 500 nL or 1 µL / 5 µL depending on the chip option) that can fill and dispense as rapidly as 10 times per second.

Small Footprint

The compact Mantis is the smallest liquid handling robot made by Formulatrix and boasts one of the smallest footprints on the market.

With a base that fits on a standard mouse pad, the Mantis can fit in nearly any workspace while remaining robot accessible.

Dimensions: 337 mm (13.3") x 273 mm (10.7") x 218 mm (8.6")

Multiple Chip Changer – Optional

Mantis can automatically dispense up to six reagents, allowing you to dispense complex plates and assay development protocols.

Large Capacity Chip Changer (LC3) - Optional

The LC3 upgrade vastly expands the number of reagents that can be automatically dispensed by the Mantis. This modular carousel attachment allows for 24 chips to be set up with 15 mL falcon tubes/pipette tips, or 18 chips with 50 mL falcon tubes. The carousel can be positioned on the left or right of the Mantis depending on your workspace needs. The carousel and Mantis sit on a locating plate to ensure precision placement with no hassle setup.

Continuous Flow Dispensing – Optional

Using the continuous flow option, the Mantis can dispense volumes from 5 μL - 2000 μL in a continuous stream, perfect for deep well blocks. Continuous flow options are available to fit standard 50 mL Falcon tubes and 250 mL Nalgene bottles.

Dual Wash Stations

The built-in dual wash stations permit easy fluid pathway cleaning following dispenses. One station can deliver bleach or alcohol for sterilization, while the second station can deliver water for a final rinse.

Built-in Tube Holders

Six built-in (removable) tube holders located at the right (2) and left (4) sides of the Mantis, ideal for large volume dispenses or frequently used reagents.

Chemical Compatible Chips - Optional

The Mantis can dispense DMSO and other harsh solvents using optional perfluoroelastomer chips.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chips - Optional

Automatically track all your chip usage data including micro-diaphragm cycles and dispense history. The RFID chip will also notify you if any reagent is not in the correct position on the system. Any of our chip options below can be made into RFID chips upon request.

Molecular Biology Grade Chips - Optional

The Mantis can be configured with molecular biology grade chips tested to be free of DNA, DNase, RNA, RNase, and protease.

Note: Controlling computer sold separately or provided by customer

ItemSize Application Price
Mantis V3.2

1 Unit

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The Mantis can dispense with a variety of chips. Use the table below to learn about the available chips.

Diaphragm Vol.
Min Volume
Max Volume

Diaphragm Vol – Pulses/S

Dead Volume
Part Number
Low Volume
0.1 μL, 0.5 μL
0.1 μL

0.1 μL – 10

0.5 μL – 7

6 μL
<3% at 0.1 μL
High Volume
1 μL, 5 μL
1 μL

1 μL – 10

5 μL – 4

15 μL
<3% at 1 μL
Low Volume PFE
0.1 μL, 0.5 μL
0.1 μL

0.1 μL – 3

0.5 μL – 2

6 μL
<5% at 0.1 μL
MCLP2 (Solvent Compatible)
High Volume PFE
1 μL, 5 μL
1 μL

1 μL – 5

5 μL – 4

15 μL
<5% at 1 μL
MCHP2 (Solvent Compatible)
High Volume Continuous Flow

5 μL

300 μL
<5% at 5 μL
* These chips are also available graded for molecular biology use. See below.

Molecular Biology Grade Chips
We follows manufacturing processes certified to produce molecular biology grade Mantis chips free of detectable DNA, DNase, RNase and protease. Low volume and high volume chips are available.

Mantis Dimensions

Physical Dimensions
Width: 354 mm max (smaller without ACC or reagent holders)
Height Full Extension: 273 mm (not including pipette tip adapter)
Height No Extension: 172 mm (not including pipette tip adapter)
Depth: 212 mm
Weight: Approx. 5.2 kg (11.5 lbs)

Computer Requirements
Computer OS :
    Windows XP Home Edition SP3 32-bit
    Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit
    Windows Vista 32-bit
One open USB port (USB 2.0 recommended, USB 3.0 supported)
Dual Core 1GHz processor
1 GB of Hard Drive space
768 pixels vertical minimum screen resolution

Electrical Specifications
110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 50 W typical, 100 W max


The Mantis´s software provides a straightforward, user-friendly way to design and execute the most complicated dispenses. Add reagents to the dispense list, define volumes and draw on the virtual plate to define dispense placement, then assign each reagent to its chip position. Hit the run button and the Mantis dispenses your design.
The Mantis software is capable of designing gradients and backfills. You can also import .txt and .csv files for precise control over dispense volumes (within hardware limits).


Mantis Overview

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Mantis Assay Development

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