NucleoType Mouse PCR (100)
Ex Tax:

Kit for rapid mouse typing experiments with common samples such as tail clips, ear punch, hair, and blood

  • DNA preparation within 5 minutes
  • Loading dye included for subsequent gel electrophoresis
  • Designed for tail, ear, blood, and even hair samples

Technology - Simple sample preparation suitable for hot start PCR (optional direct PCR)

Format - Buffer and PCR mix (for 20–100 µL lysate and 10 µL PCR)

Sample material - Mouse tail clipping (1 mm), mouse ear punch (Ø 1 mm), mouse blood (1 μL), mouse hairs (approx. 3–30)

PCR - NucleoType HotStart PCR Master Mix for fast PCR genotyping (included)*

Amplicon size - Recommended for up to 1 kb

Preparation time - Lysis 2 min (18–25 °C); Enzyme inactivation 3 min (98 ° C); 

PCR cycling - 30–90 min (cycler and target size dependent)

Stability - 12 months at 4 °C or -20 °C

*For amplicons < 1 kb an extension time of approx. 15 sec is recommended.