NucleoMag NGS Clean-up and Size Select (500)
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Magnetic-bead based clean-up and size selection of NGS library preparation reactions

• Sample input as little as 17.5 pg

• Sample volume of 50 µL to 150 µL

• Tunable size selection 150-800 bp

• Convenient magnetic bead technology

• Easy to adjust for specific applications or sequencers

• Optimal scalability for manual and automated processing

Technology-Magnetic-bead technology

Format-Highly reactive superparamagnetic beads

Processing-Manual or automated

Sample material-Reaction mixtures from common NGS library kits

Amount of sample material-From 17.5 pg to 5 µg

Input volume-50-150 µL

Typical recovery>=80 %

Elution volume-10–100 µL